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Our Practicum programs provides the learning experience required to meet the job market.

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Programs offered, focus on current job requirements needed to be successful. Tasks assigned per FDA, EMEA and Health Canada regulations and standards.

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Self-Paced Online Certificate programs. Each lesson contains presentation, quiz, reading material, short questions and job focused exercises for delivery.

Post Training Assistance for finding jobs

Meeting your objectives is our goal. We help students with resume preparation, narrative form, mock interview sessions to be successful.

About Qtech Solutions Inc

Qtech Solutions Inc., Canada is an Extra provincial company located in Burnaby, British Columbia, with its headquarters located at Somerset, New Jersey, USA. Qtech Solutions Inc is a Professional and Management development training organization, specializing in providing full-service training solutions towards Clinical trial, Drug Safety-Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management.

Qtech-Sol as Private Career School offers job and title based Clinical Research-Trials, Pharmacovigilance-Drug safety, CDM and Clinical SAS training programs in Canada, meeting its job market needs. Learn more about this unique opportunity and how to get started.

Clinical Science Certifications

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Don’t allow yourself to stagnate in a job that isn’t enhancing your career. Our courses can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to break through and take the next step forward. "Qtech Solutions Inc., Canada" is ready to help you pursue your future and build a better life and career!

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Qtech Canada is an Extraprovincial company of Qtech USA. We partner with various Organizations to offer Clinical Science Practicum needed for student learning towards Clinical Research, Drug Safety, Clinical Data Management and Clinical SAS Services. We offer ISO Certification programs in collaboration with PECB Canada for Individuals and Corporate as Reseller.


Whether you are looking for a clinical research position or are more inclined to statistics and analysis, our various online training programs will help you make progress in your career. These self-study courses will give you the experience you need to help you take the next step professionally.

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