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(Qtech-Sol Professional Development Center – QPDC)


Online Training Terms and Policies

Please carefully read this document and AGREE to the terms and conditions at the end of this document, before you wish to proceed to enroll for the training program using the Qtech Solutions Professional Development Center (QPDC) Shopping Cart for Card Payment. When enrolling in the Qtech Solutions Inc. Online training courses, the participant / Student agrees and accepts the following general Terms and Conditions as set forth below by QPDC.

  1.  Program Registration
    • • Registrations for the Online training course are completed using the online registration form (or) submitting a
      manual registration form via email addressed to the QPDC HR department. The tuition payment is required for
      completing registration and obtaining online access to the training material.
    • • Students are selected and interviewed prior to the training start based on their educational background and previous
      experience. The selection process ensures enrollment in accordance with the training program eligibility for
      effective online learning and providing high-quality training and career pathways.
    • • rolled students will have to submit their education credentials and certifications.
  2. Training Tuition and Payment Options
    • • The Online training tuition for the professional training will be due per participant for the entire course on the first day for course access. Fees vary in accordance with the training type, course level, and duration.
    • • A listing of the Online training courses, duration, and tuition fees is available in the website ( www.qtech-solutions.com )
    • • The fee is fixed as quoted.
    • • Interested candidate can email their queries to qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca
    • • Unless otherwise noted, online registration and tuition payment permit attendance to have access to authorized and designated courses enrolled for a time period max to the duration indicated in the shopping cart for each course, and any materials that have been created for all participants are available online via QPDC Learning Management System (LMS) for access.
    • • The Access to the material will expire by the end of the last day and it remains the responsibility of the student to complete the course within the timeframe set forth and “make-up” times are not available as part of the original fee paid. However, a student can communicate with the course administrator via email at qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca for extended online access for extra costs.
    • • Any discounts that may apply as part of an agreement or special promotion cannot be combined unless specifically granted by QPDC. QPDC reserves the right to review and change training fees without notification. However, start dates that were reserved prior to the price change, and for which QPDC has received a valid payment, will be honored at that fee that was applicable at the time of registration.
  3. Payment Terms and Enrollment
    • • QPDC accepts the following forms of payment: Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard Only)
    • • Payments from International Participating Students are obtained by credit card only.
    • • Payment terms are due prior to the start of the online course access date.
    • • QPDC reserves the right to provide applicable discounts and installments for payments (if multiple course enrollment is requested by the candidate).
    • • Online Training delivery and access to material will only begin after payment is received in full.
    • • The discounts might be applied to a specific student, in case of large pre-payments made prior to training delivery, multiple-person registration, or per given referral. Please email to qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca, along with the list of courses.
    • • All pre-paid online training courses must be started within 2 months from the date of purchase. If any courses are unused after 2 months of the purchase order date, Qtech reserves the right to expire the online program and offers no refund of the online training or their attributed financial value. It will be the responsibility of the student to complete the course from start to finish within the access term duration.
  4. Email Confirmation: Registration/Enrollment Access
    • • For Online training courses, QPDC will generate a confirmation email to a student once the online registration is completed and payment is received. If payment is made by card, an automated receipt will be emailed to the registered email address via shopping cart.
  5. Cancellation or Rescheduling Request by the Student
    • • For professional online training courses, cancellation notification must be made in writing before online access to the material has been given.
    • • For professional online training courses, rescheduling notification must be made in writing prior to the start of the online training start date.
    • • When requesting a rescheduled registration, the student shall endeavor to reschedule the course for a mutually acceptable date no later than 2 months from the original requested start date of the online training course(s).
    • • No refunds for training fees paid towards course(s).
    • • If a cancellation or rescheduling request is received after online access has been given, after the training start date, or in the case of absence without any notice, the stipulated training fee will be fully charged without further notification. The customer has no right to send another participant as a substitute. There are no refunds for partial use of the training program or partial attendance. There are no refunds for online training courses, training bundles, or training units.
  6. Copyright/Intellectual Property Rights
    • • The copyright in and all other intellectual property rights relating to the course documentation, and any other online training materials provided to the course participants, are solely owned by, and hereby reserved to QPDC. Under no circumstances can the whole or any part of the course documentation be produced or copied in any form or by any means or translated into another language without the products or learning systems (LMS). All materials available through LMS are for reading purposes only. No download or printing option is provided due to copyright restrictions. Offenders are liable for payment of damages to Qtech, without prior written permission from QPDC. Training materials are defined also to include all electronic knowledge.
    • • If any student needs reading material/course content reading book, extra costs apply, please contact the course administrator for details on for purchase of a bookbinder or visit our shopping cart or email qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca
  7. Waivers
    • • For all professional advance courses that have mandatory prerequisites, participants may apply for a waiver if they believe their existing knowledge and experience are sufficient to attend a QPDC advanced online training course without having completed its prerequisites. Upon receipt of a waiver request, a QPDC training specialist will contact the participant to verbally assess his/her knowledge and experience to determine whether or not it is appropriate to provide the student with a prerequisite waiver.
    • • If the requested waiver is issued, it is the full responsibility of the participant to ensure that the knowledge and/or experience that she/he may lack cannot be compensated with prerequisites course not enrolled. Separate online tuition fees must be provided in case the student requests access to requisite course material.
  8. Course Content
    • • QPDC reserves the right to amend the content of any online course without notice to the participants where, at the sole discretion of QPDC, such amendment is deemed not to fundamentally change the content of such online course.
  9. All Online course content includes.
    • • Most Program Online access contains chapters, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, exercises, and final examination (24/7 unlimited access for course term duration), except for a few, please contact the course administrator for details of such courses.
    • • The entire course content is only available in English.
    • • There is no option to download material provided online. No print copies of presentations, quizzes, exercises, and final exams are provided.
    • • Printed reading course material is available for extra cost and pick up at our Office location in person or order mail delivery. Please allow Max of 7 business days for shipment. In-person pick-up is available during office business hours: between Monday and Friday from 9.30 AM EST to 5 PM EST upon prior appointment with QPDC HR.
    • • The additional shipment / postal fees may apply for FedEx charges for mailing the course material to the home address. The printed reading material includes only chapters. All PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, exercises, hypothetical exercise solutions, and final examinations are available online only and no print option is available to maintain the patent copyrights of QPDC. Tampering of the online site material /software is prohibited and is against QPDC product patent protection and could lead to penalties.
    • • Online classes with faculties are available (per the schedule provided).
    • • Student query sessions with faculties: in person, via phone, email, or on Skype (per request and appointment).
    • • Resume and Interview preparation (Post Training Assistance – PTA) is available for enrolled candidates.
    • • The Solutions to the exercise are provided for access to the student (if available) and they can email the evaluator for queries and questions. Please allow a maximum of 24 hours for replies to questions and depending on the critical nature of the query asked
  10. Rules of Participation
    • • Each student attending QPDC professional Online training courses shall comply with all regulations and procedures established and communicated for the course.
    • • Course materials provided by QPDC are intended for training purposes only.
    • • QPDC reserves the right to exclude participant(s) from attending any course disorderly code of conduct, or failure to observe any of QPDC’s rules.
    • • No refund of fees shall be paid to the participant in such circumstances.
  11. Online Sessions
    • • QPDC’s online courses are delivered via the QPDC LMS (Learning Management System), using an internet connection with Microsoft Suite and Acrobat products. Usage of an Appropriate web browser is required.
    • • The LMS material might not be fully compatible with Mac and iPod. Prior testing is required. Please consult the QPDC Web Administrator for details on access concerns or issues (or) email qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca for assistance in this matter.
    • • Participation in Google Meet sessions (for selected courses only) is required. The Google Meet invitation and instructions to participate will be sent 2 days prior to such scheduled classes.
    • • Speakers and a microphone or a headset will be required for discussions and being able to talk and discuss with the instructor during the Google Meet class via voice (if scheduled to conduct). Participants are requested to log in to the class at least 5 minutes before the start of Such a Special Google Meet class (if scheduled).
    • • The computer and internet access is required for the duration of the online training. QPDC will not be responsible for any personal associated inconvenience or disruption caused during the online training delivery due to internet issues.
  12. Online Access Extensions
    • • The course administrator will activate the online access of the course material, upon successful completion of all formalities required for participation and required documents and applicable fee is paid in full. The exact date of start and finish varies for each program provided for the time of training program duration as designed per program.
  13. Exam and Certification
    • • Each Student is provided 2 Attempts for the final exam. Exam-1 comes with the program, for Exam-2, Fees apply. The Final score is an aggregate of all lesson-based test quizzes and the final exam. A minimum of 75% and above is required for certificate and transcript issuance.
  14. Code of Conduct
    The following conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

    • • All types of proven dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the institution, forgery and alteration or use of institution documents of identification with intent to defraud. This could lead to the termination of a student from the program with or without notice.
    • • Intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, public meetings, and programs, or other school activities (for special Google Meet training Schedules only).
    • • Failure to comply with directions of institutional officials acting in the performance of their duties.
    • • Behaving without honesty and without integrity in the training course of QPDC.
    • • Acting without care and diligence in the course material.
    • • Disobey confidentiality about the given online training material. In this case, restrictions include, but are not limited to sharing login user ID with other participants or other individuals not attending the training program, and printing material that is restricted for download and secured for copyright purposes.
    • • Giving false or misleading information in response to a request for information that is made for admission purposes in connection with the online training program.
    • • Improper use of Inside information, or
    • • The instructor’s duties, status, power, or authority in order to gain, or seek to gain, a benefit or advantage for the employee or for any other person.
    • • Disobey instructions and training rules, such as:
    • • Full attendance in Google Meet training sessions (If conducted) is necessary for students’ success and to achieve the maximum possible benefits from their educational experience,
    • • Punctuality and following the access deadlines. Trainees must be available online at the scheduled time with the appropriate materials, and ready to work at the designated time that the class session begins (if Google Meet session).
    • • Participation and responsibility. Training attendance is the responsibility of the participants. (for In-house).
  15. Refund Policy
    • • Should the student’s enrollment be terminated, or should the student withdraw for any reason, or not meet the Code of Conduct, NO refunds of fee applies. There is no refund of the tuition fees once the student is enrolled in the program.
  16. Warranties and Liabilities
    • • While every effort is made by QPDC to ensure that its online course instructions are appropriately provided. The training material is prepared by qualified professionals having rich experience in the field and QPDC shall not be liable for any loss, cost, or expense or for any special indirect or consequential damages arising from negligence, misconduct, or lack of skill in delivering the course(s).
  17. Contacts
  18. I AGREE
    • • I agree and accept the terms of this QPDC training policy document and wish to enroll in the program. I also understand my obligations towards this program conducted by Qtech-Sol Professional Development Center LLC (QPDC) and its services provided to meet my training needs.
    • • Should you have any questions please email qpdc@qtech-solutions.ca with your question or contact us at +1 905.228.9698 / +1 905.519.0889.
    • • Please sign off on “I AGREE” below if you wish to proceed with Enrollment / Application. An email will be sent out to your registered email address along with this policy document for your records and acceptance to terms with Qtech upon payment received.

This is a receipt of my signoff electronically and I agree to the terms and conditions indicated. A copy of these terms is being emailed to you upon enrollment into the program for reference.

Thank You,
Enrolled Student.