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2 Weeks / 14 Days

Qtech-Sol Advanced CRA Course

Advanced Clinical Trials Associate

Qtech-Sol is a Clinical Science Training Provider. This course provides Advanced Foundation Concepts as performed by a Clinical Study Manager or Senior Clinical Research Associate to conduct and manage a multinational clinical trial. Also includes PMI project management concepts for planning and executing clinical projects. This is a job and title focused program. The course curriculum is designed to give an edge to obtain job with Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical Device, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and with Research Clinics.

Course Name :  Advanced Clinical Trials Associate
(Role based Lessons – Case Scenarios, Job Tasks with Solutions)
Code :  ACRA
Course Material : This course contains and delivers 15 Lessons, along with conceptual bonus PMI lessons related to project management.
The ACRA Course contains core lessons as presentation on advanced topics.
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Delivery Type

SIP – Self-Paced Online with Support

Course Duration

ACRA-SIP Delivery – 2 Weeks / 41 Hours / 14 Days (Self-Paced)


This course emphasizes on how multinationals clinical trials are performed, planning for conduction, clinical study planning and project management concepts for site initiating, conduction, and monitoring. This training will provide the technical skills and practicum needed to gain expertise. The course curriculum is designed to give an edge to obtain job opportunities in the clinical research field with Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Medical Device, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and with Research Clinics.

Project Management Concepts: This course includes theoretical concepts from the Project Management Institute, PMBOK® as introductory project management course for the clinical research professional. Whether you are looking to become a clinical research project manager, are already in an entry-level project manager role, or a project manager without formal project training, this hands-on program will provide you with project management skills as well as the necessary tools and processes required to successfully manage projects in clinical research settings.

Course Enrollment process

Qtech-Sol offers self-paced online courses. Student get started with the course when they are ready. They must complete the online application, pay applicable tuition and submit required credentials. Student must submit their resume and copy of highest degree certificate obtained. These documents are used to validate the student’s name on certificate, contact information, course enrolled and their education eligibility to participate.

Start to Finish Steps:
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  8. Take Final exam upon completing he course
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Gaining experience

This course shares advanced topics such as Risk Based Monitoring (RBM), FDA Audit process for Clinical Research, Clinical Trial Project Management (CTPM) and Timelines, Development of Monitoring Plan, Protocol Deviation/Violation Management, Trial Master File and QC Management, Clinical Data Reconciliation and Archiving, Management and Reconciliation of Investigational Product, Planning and Conducting Global Clinical Trials and Management of a Successful Clinical Research Site.

An Ideal person must have bachelor’s degree in degree in life science or other health-related discipline to become a CRA or CRC. Qtech-Sol CRA Coursework is not wet lab experience, these are computer related roles performed using clinical data and tools, to support the progress of clinical trials being conducted. Person must have basic computer knowledge and works with Microsoft Word, Excel, Notepad, PowerPoint etc. The ideal person works within pharmaceutical or at hospital and research centers.

Examples of job titles to apply
  1. Clinical Study Manager
  2. Clinical Trials Project Manager
  3. Senior Clinical Research Associate
  4. Clinical Trials Project Coordinator
  5. Clinical Research Manager

  • Eligible Education:

    Recommended: An Associate or bachelor’s degree in life science or other health related. Few of the majors accepted for admission into this course are Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public health, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Clinical Research, Biomedical engineering, Public health, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Healthcare Administration. Related Experience helps to apply for higher-up positions.

    Post Training Assistance

    Your resume is front face to hiring recruiters and organizations to pre-screen or call for an interview. With competition out in market, does your resume meet the requirements. Contact us to participate in our Post Training Assistance (PTA) program for resume build, interview narratives, and mock. It is as well important to know, the current hiring organizations in your area, open positions available, salary range, fitness of resume to apply and many more. During this PTA program you will have opportunity to discuss with our course specialist to learn and discover opportunities in small steps. We shall work together as team to achieve this goal.

  • Learning Outcomes:
    The Benefit Student Gains
    • Upgrading the Knowledge required.
    • Better Resume Placement for promising jobs.
    • Low Investment, high learnings
    • Learn from Anywhere, Anytime at your pace.
    • Job and Title Based Tasks as followed and Practiced in industry
    • Applying Concept into Real-time (Policies, governance and tools)
    • Work on Role Based Tasks followed and Practiced in industry
    • Mocks and Narratives for Client Discussions
    • Readiness to work with limited support
  • Professional organizations

    Professional organizations and associations are membership-based groups comprised of people working in a similar field. They can be helpful resources for students to learn more about a field, develop connections and discover related opportunities.

    Check out World-Wide Clinical Resource Information. Follow the resource links to learn what’s happening around the world on current news and updates about Clinical trials, Regulatory, CDM and Pharmacovigilance.


    Qtech-Sol has trained since 2000, many candidates with different education background and skills. Few of them are currently working as directors in top MNC companies.

    Qtech Solutions has provided me with the education needed to work as a Clinical Research Associate. The program was extremely helpful and the instructions were very knowledgeable.

    – Akhila T (Surrey, BC)

    It was a very interesting CRA training course. Topic, professional presentation, Quiz and test, makes the difference between a good training session and a GREAT training session. I like the competent materials course.

    – Charith A (Mississauga, ON)

    The level and nature of participation was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, excellent analysis and feedback. The work assigned to interns is valuable and very useful. This CRA training is a value addition program and helps me to face the global opportunities.

    – Harshavardhan A (Abbotsford, BC)

    Getting Connected

    For additional information please call us on 905.519.0889 or ENQUIRE. One of our course specialists will contact you at earliest possible.

Curriculum Overview

This course is designed by industry experts meeting job and title-based learnings needed for students and young professionals to get into jobs. The training provides in depth knowledge of roles and responsibilities of Clinical Study Manager (or) Senior Clinical Research Associate to conduct and manage a multinational clinical trial. The curriculum includes theoretical concepts on role performed as a project management team member.

Advanced Clinical Trials Associate
ACRA – Advanced CRA Lessons

1. Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM)

2. FDA Audit process for Clinical Research

3. Clinical Trial Project Management (CTPM)

4. Development of Monitoring Plan

5. Protocol Deviation/Violation Management

6. Trial Master File and QC Management

7. Clinical Data Reconciliation and Archiving

8. Management and Reconciliation of Investigational Product

9. Advanced Clinical Research Management -1

10. Advanced Clinical Research Management -2

11. Advanced Clinical Research Management -3

12. Advanced Clinical Research Management -4

13. Planning and Conducting Global Clinical Trials

14. Management of a Successful Clinical Research Site – A

15. Management of a Successful Clinical Research Site – B

Also includes PMI project management concepts for planning and executing clinical projects.

Paul Anderson

I am very thankful to Qtech learning center team for providing training in Clinical Research Project Management (CROP), as it will be helpful for me to gain experience in real time.

Neepa Y

The training helped me enhance my skills. The training was given in a very well planned, organized and professional manner.

Lily W

The program was extremely helpful, and the instructions were very knowledgeable. Thank you very much.