We are Clinical Science People, our primary focus has been to provide affordable and quality services towards Clinical Research and Trials, Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety Business operations, Project Management, Clinical Data Management areas, supporting various Educational, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research firms.


Below are core business objectives of Qtech-Sol.

Student Training

With Global offices located in the United States and Canada, we are clinical science training providers. Whether you are looking for Clinical research or Drug Safety or CDM positions or more inclined to statistics and data analysis, we can help you with career advancement. We offer various self-paced online practicum programs, that will help you to progress. These self-study courses will give you the experience needed to take the next step professionally. Our LMS programs delivered are scrum compliant and meet the regulatory standards of FDA, EMA and Health-Canada. Our certificate programs are backed and approved by the United States Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOL). New Jersey, USA. Funding options thru NJ State as eligible Training Provider and offer scholarships, Internship and Mentoring services.

Gain Experience for Jobs

Our Practicum programs provides the learning experience required to meet the job market.

Learn the latest skills

Programs offered, focus on current job requirements needed to be successful. Tasks assigned per FDA, EMEA and Health Canada regulations and standards.

Get ready for a career

Self-Paced Online Certificate programs. Each lesson contains presentation, quiz, reading material, short questions and job focused exercises for delivery.

Post Training Assistance for finding jobs

Meeting your objectives is our goal. We help students with resume preparation, narrative form, mock interview sessions to be successful.


Qtech-Sol Professional development center as Private Career School partners with various organizations to offer Clinical Science Practicum Training needed for student and corporate segments towards Clinical Research and Trial Monitoring, Drug Safety-Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Data Management, Quality Assurance, and Compliance, Clinical SAS Programming, Medical Healthcare, and Data Analytics Services.

ISO Certification Training Partners in collaboration with PECB (USA and Canada).

Educational Alliance

Our University Alliance Program is for students studying in the healthcare or clinical research field who are looking to add some more practical experience to their resume. Depending on the education level of your student, we have a program that will help ease them into the career pathway best designed to help them succeed.

Corporate Training and Consulting

Qtech-Sol Professional development center offers corporate training services for various pharmaceutical and clinical workforce organizations. We provide custom training solutions to our clients by performing the gap analysis, curriculum, training development and design tailoring client needs based on title, divisional needs and role-based tasks. New Employee orientation for new hires and existing professionals for increased performance. Offers Affordable training solutions meeting client needs, expectation, budget and timeline frameworks programs delivered as self-paced online or hybrid Online / In-class methods. Our LMS programs delivered are scrum compliant and meet the regulatory standards of FDA, EMA and Health-Canada.


Notes from Program Director

Prior to founding this company (Year-2000), I worked as a consultant with several pharmaceutical, clinical research, financial, medical healthcare, Pharma sales and marketing organizations. During that time, I am deeply inspired the importance of clinical research practices followed by the industry and Qtech-Sol was established. Since then, my goal has been to make Qtech-Sol as one of the leading companies to provide training solutions towards clinical sciences. As my requests for assistance continued to increase, I realized that knowledge of these systems required the support of a broad range of experts with background of pharmacy, nursing, medical, biotechnology, statistics, and life science education. This led to development of various title and job focused programs, currently delivered.

With increase in demand for the need of Clinical training and awareness of such job focused program is the outcome to establish Qtech-Sol Canada, an extra provincial organization. We are currently offering 14 domain specific programs that leads to 100+ job titles for students to apply (Entry thru Senior roles) towards Clinical Research, Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Research Data Management, Clinical Trial SAS Analysis and Reporting and Medical Healthcare business practices. Qtech-Sol employees have rich experience working with multiple global pharma and healthcare companies and with their support and encouragement, Qtech-Sol will continue to serve its customers (individuals and corporates).

I am proud of the development of “Qtech-Sol” over the past few years, which has driven our peer team and encouraged long-term relationships with our customers. As a distance training provider, Qtech-Sol will continue to help and support its customers to meet their training needs. I am immensely proud of the level of service and support we have provided and shall continue to do better. My vision is to continue to “raise the bar” for our company to provide first-class service to our customers.


Qtech Solutions Inc., Canada offers Job and Title focused Clinical Science Practicum and Certificate Programs. Qtech-Sol Center for Career & Professional Development as Private Career School specializes in providing full-service Online training and solutions towards Clinical Research and Trials, Drug Safety-Pharmacovigilance, Quality Assurance, Data Analytics, and Reporting, Clinical Research Data Management, Clinical Trial SAS Programming and Healthcare Business Analysis.Learn more about this unique opportunity and how to get started. We encourage students to take advantage of this educational learning offered, meeting to the learning required per job market and as hired by Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and Research Hospitals.